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4 + 2 LCD Winder

Simple, sophisticated winder coupled with a LCD screen and touch controls for the perfect housing for your watches!


Dimensions: 235 x 180 x 350 mm

Weight: approx. 4.7kg

Color: Glossy Piano Black


Individual 5-speed TPD settings – each rotor can be individually programmed to 5 different TPD settings (650, 750, 850, 1000, 1950) and dual directions (CW, CCW, alternating)

LCD control panel w Remote control! – beautiful blue lit control panel that programs the settings of each motor and even has a remote control to adjust the settings without having to open the lid!!

Memory foam cushion – Versatile designed cushions that fits small to XL sized watches (>47mm) with flexibility to easily be strapped onto and removed

LED interior light – Low-heat emission LED light which can be switched on and off through a separate switch

Innovative smart lid sensor technology – sensor detects when you open the lid and automatically stops the motors and starts when the lid is closed back to allow convenient removable of watches!

Hi-quality Japanese motors – Mabuchi motors used, silent and resilient (comes with 1 year local warranty directly from me)

2 static holders – additional slots to house your manual winding watches up to Ø47mm

Friendly and reputable after-sales service – Even after warranty period is over, contact me should you have any issues with the winders and I will assist



Dimensions: 235 x 180 x 350 mm
Weight: approx. 4.7kg
Color: Piano Black

5-Speed Individual TPD Settings
4 Rotor
Mabuchi motor
Memory foam cushions
LCD control panel
Other Functions:
LED Light
Auto-door off switch
2 Static holders (Ø50mm)
Remote control


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